The Best Kind of Massage

There are lots of different types of massage, some more enjoyable than others. Unless you’re an athlete, a deep tissue or sports massage wouldn’t be recommended. These can be quite vigorous; not the kind of thing that will send you into a state of tranquil bliss! Hard friction is used against the grain of the muscle, and it can leave you feeling sore. A head massage is very stimulating, and feels wonderful combined with your neck and shoulders. Many women love to have their head stroked by their other half, and we can understand why. It’s a very pleasurable sensation.

Swedish massage therapy is very popular in the western world. Using long, smooth strokes and kneading movements, it’s combined with oil to enhance the experience. You can make a massage much more sensual by adding scented oil; different ones have different effects. For example, lavender makes you feel calm and relaxed, while jasmine is known to set a romantic mood. Citrus scents are energising (as you may know from your body wash), as well as being refreshing. Aromatherapy massage has some great health benefits, and can reduce levels of stress.

Shiatsu and Thai massage concentrate on certain pressure points on your body to improve the flow of energy. Thai massage stretches you improving flexibility, and makes you feel more energetic. Another type concentrating on particular points is reflexology, but this is carried out on the feet. It’s great if you’ve got tired feet, having been stood up for hours on end.

All of these types of massage have different benefits, and are all great for the body and mind. However, we don’t think anything can top an escort massage. One of the beautiful girls from our gallery will come to visit you at your home or hotel, and give you one of the most sensual, erotic experiences of your life. If you really want a treat, you could book two ladies at the same time for a four hands full body massage. It will blow your mind! Our massage escorts have been trained by a professional, so they know exactly what they’re doing when they rub their soft hands over your skin. You could create a soothing atmosphere by lighting some candles or dimming the lights, and by playing music quietly in the background. Let yourself drift away into paradise as a stunning girl does all she can to make sure you’re left fully satisfied.