Ultimate Turn Offs for Escorts

Just like any other women, there is certain behaviour that is a real turn off for our Harlesden escorts. Men always want a chance with these sexy girls, but if they go about it the wrong way we can guarantee that she won’t be impressed! Rather than telling you how to act, we thought we would tell you what not to do; these turn offs apply universally, so if you want to pull, listen up!

The most important thing you need to remember is your personal hygiene. You could look like Brad Pitt, but if you stink of body odour, a woman won’t come anywhere near you. Some guys fool themselves into thinking that this musty smell with in fact entice the ladies, but trust us – it won’t. If you don’t want to put her off, you need to shower and deodorise every day and wear clean clothes (the smell can hang around in worn clothes).

Clean teeth is also of vital importance; a great set of pearly whites will attract her straight to you. If you’re missing any teeth, it will instantly put her off you. Get yourself to the dentist straight away to get it mended, and keep on top of your dental hygiene by brushing every morning and night. If you ever get bad breath, use mouthwash and carry mints or gum with you. You never know when you might bump into the woman of your dreams, and if she catches the scent of bad breath she’ll run a mile.

Behaving like a gentleman will get you far. You might swear like a trooper and click your fingers at waiters with your mates, but this will not get you lucky with the ladies. They want a man who is polite, generous and chivalrous. It’s not just her you need to treat nicely; she will take note of how you treat those around you too. Make an effort to tone down your language and remember your manners, and you stand a much better chance with your girl.

Another thing that you might be used to with your friends is bragging and showing off. Men always want to go one better than their peers, so it’s all about what cost the most, which is biggest and which is best. However successful this is with your mates, it won’t work with girls. You might think a 20 minute speech about your yacht will make her putty in your hands, but pay a little more attention and you’ll see that she’s bored stiff. She’d rather hear about your genuine interests, and don’t forget to ask her about herself too.