V’s Guilty Pleasures

Watching The Apprentice has become a ritual for us here at V, namely so we have something to chat about when we gather around the water cooler come Thursday morning. What makes us laugh about the characters on the show is how different they are from their audition tapes. With them all proclaiming, in an attempt to book a place on the show, ‘I taste success in my spit’ or ‘I wake up and I know I’m the best’ makes us cringe with embarrassment because of how stupid they end up being in the tasks. Making a simple chili turns into a massive endeavour that results in them behaving like school girls. We only mention this because everything about the programme (which is our guilty pleasure, let us not digress from this) is that our London escorts could not be anymore different. With these ladies, what you see is what you get. Incredible and beautiful women that are an absolute dream to spend time with. We bet there aren’t that many people from The Apprentice that you can say that about. If any, in fact.

Our favourite task on the show, thus far, is definitely the market traders one. Going to a warehouse, stocking up on products, flogging them and then going back for more. We in particularly liked the fake tan element of it. Though we think they could have sold a lot more had they used one of our fabulous brunette escorts to model the merchandise. Can you honestly say that if you walked past one of the gorgeous gals, standing there in a bikini with incredible bronzed-skin, you’d say no to whatever they offered you? Exactly. But if it were Lord Sugar, we’d probably hastily run in the other direction. We’re not being mean, just honest. There’s something oddly alluring and seductive about it when a gorgeous girl is wearing next to nothing. And we’re more than happy to support the cause.

Thanks to the high level of companions we have here at V London, we’re confident that we have something that will satisfy every single client. If you’re looking for a curvaceous woman, or perhaps one with more experience, we have specific galleries so you can find your ideal woman quicker than one of the candidates can beg for mercy. There’s nothing less manly than an Apprentice-wannabe begging for his life because he’s being let go due to his less than perfect chili making skills – does the man not know you put the rice in a tupperware box to create the perfect mound?! We’re shocked at the stupidity, but it doesn’t stop us tuning in each week. It just makes us feel that much better about ourselves, in the same way the girls do at V for their clients.