A Waterloo Escort’s Fantasy

Everyone has fantasies. Some people keep them completely private, others do whatever they can to make them come true. Modern times mean that women are getting more brave and more bold when it comes to sexuality, and they love feeling so liberated!

We spoke to one of our Waterloo escorts about her secret fantasies; we can’t reveal which of the girls it was, but here’s what she told us:

“I really like a big, strong man to take control of me. I’m quite petite, so when I’m with a guy like that I feel safe and protected, as well as turned on by his masculinity. The ultimate for me is when he can pick me up without struggling – and it really increases the amount of positions we can try!

If I had to describe my perfect sexual scenario, it would go something like this; I’m just getting ready to go out, so I’m all dolled up in my favourite dress and high heels. Just as I open the door to leave, there’s a tall, well built man standing there with a smouldering look in his eyes. I guess it’s that sexy stranger thing, but I don’t feel threatened. With one look from me, he steps inside and closes the door behind him. Within seconds he’s kissing me hard, pressing his lips onto mine. His hands roam over my body roughly, grabbing me and pulling my dress up. He’d push me against a wall, and take both of my wrists in one of his big hands, holding them above my head so I can’t move without his permission.

I’ve never thought of myself as being a real submissive, but I suppose I do have those tendencies when I really think about it. I love a man to dominate me – to be in control, and give me pleasure by doing his will. In my fantasy, this sexy stranger would tear my clothes off with one hand and keep holding my others above my head, then take me right where we’re standing. In reality it’s not all that easy, I’ve never tried undressing one handed! But the control thing is definitely a turn on, showing me who’s boss.

I have tried things the other way round with boyfriends before, playing the dominatrix. That’s fun too, but that does feel like I’m acting; being more submissive comes naturally to me. I get a thrill out of being ordered what to do, which is probably why some guys like me so much!”