We Lose A Shining Light

Today, news reaches us of the untimely passing of Nora Ephron. It seems that this world was no longer able to accommodate the talent and inspiration exerted by this one woman. Whilst the name may not ring a bell, some of her work is sure to ignite flashes of recognition within each of us; in fact we can probably narrow it down to one scene in one film that she will always be associated with. Either way, it is a sad day in show business, today.

Nora Ephron was, among many other things, a Hollywood screenwriter, and can credit When Harry Met Sally as her own. The infamous scene, of course, is the one in the deli. After much deliberation between the film’s main characters, Sally acts out an incredibly vocal, not forgetting quite convincing, example of a woman’s faked orgasm, much to Harry’s dismay. This scene is so iconic, that the deli in which it was shot actually has a plaque that reads ‘This is where Harry met Sally’, or words to that effect. Either way, it seems that she really made her mark on the world, showing us that we really need to step up our game. That is Nora, not Sally.

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