We’ve Never Been Happier

We’ve managed to avoid it up until now, wanting to stay away from being a true Brit, yet we’re finding nothing else to complain about aside from the weather. Of course, as a homegrown Britonion, we feel it is not only in our DNA, but in our nature to comment on the weather. Seeing as it’s usually absolutely pants, it makes sense. But we urge as many people as possible, when it finally does shine on our glowing metropolis, shout out to the Londoners, to rejoice as much as we can. We know that whilst we write this that it is actually raining outside, but we’re hear it’s gonna be 29 degrees on Tuesday! We can’t bloody believe it. We can just imagine the gorgeous companions walking around in short shorts and crop tops in an attempt to cool down. We certainly aren’t complaining, and we will never argue with an excuse for them to take their clothes off.

The weather is always a source of much woe, dependent on your occupation, or just how you get there, we believe. We’ll walk you through them. So if you’re a commuter, you know what it can be like on the trains, the tubes, and the platforms, now that we think about it. Everytime we see a crowded platform, we’re worried that one day, someone will actually fall onto the tracks and be seriously injured. This has probably happened, we wouldn’t put anything past in this town, but this isn’t what we’re concerned about. The weather plays a massive part in what we will wear to work because it has to be multifunctional. A giant sweater will keep us warm, this is true, but it also makes us sweat out half our body weight when we’re walking to the station. This means we’re already a hot mess before we even leave our home area. This is not good and is not an ideal choice of clothing. A light jacket is what you want. Why not just not wear a long sleeved item, you might ask! Because of the unforeseen incidents that are doubt going to occur on any journey, we say. First and foremost, if you get a seat on the train, well done! And we’re not for one minute suggesting we’re germaphobes, but there’s something about unintentional skin on skin with the person sitting next to you that creeps us out. Thus the need for the long sleeves. The same can be said for legs, but the chances of you knee grazing someone is incredibly rare, and we think quite weird.

Don’t forget to take an umbrella; a handy small one can be purchased from any good retailer. You don’t know when it’s gonna suddenly shower on our fair nation. And if it’s in the bottom of your bag, you probably won’t even notice it’s there, until it starts to chuck it down and you realise it’s not. Just your luck! This is why you should always be prepared. We heard a quote, and it annoys us that we can’t remember who said it because it was quite good, actually: Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. We can attribute this to many places in our life, especially the girls from V London. Whilst there are plenty of girls to choose from, all at a moment’s notice, if you’ve your eye on one particular girl, perhaps there’s an English escort that you’re just dying to spend time with, then it makes sense that you book her in good time to guarantee she’s available. We’re just suggesting!