What Makes a London Escort?

A London Escort is a very interesting thing indeed. Put all those old or negative or traditional thoughts or conceptions that you may have about escorts out of your head. The London Escort is a new breed of woman. A classy, dazzling, professional girl of mind-blowing beauty with the ability to adapt to any situation or environment.

There are so many aspects to London that it can be hard to get your head around them all. You really have to live here for a good few years before you can truly grasp the city’s essence. Part of the city’s charm lies in its extremities. Visitors and tourists can only a selection of slices from the pies, so to speak. Wandering around this beast of a town for the first time and you have no choice but to be at its mercy. The visual onslaught alone can be almost too much. You can chop it up, dissect London’s themes and cultural morass and tackle it that way probably the best way if you’ve come here simply for your own experience and to see what the city can offer you. There is the history of course, a big one for the mainstream tourist -a mash up of glorious folklore, triumph, dark rituals, dungeons and torture and ghastly corruption, old buildings and big river winding through it all like an incision. There is also the entertainment: night clubs like you wouldn’t believe, live venues large and small where you can check out any type of live music, so long as you know where to look. The West end shows are a must for any with a hunger for performance and the dramatic. London is also home to a million mediocre comedians that for 20+ pounds will tell you all about the things in every day life that happen to us all that aren’t funny.

The London escort comfortably sits in amongst these things. Beauty to rival any celebrity A-lister with a professional etiquette to match, she shines on the red carpet, leaves you spell bound in an expensive restaurant, mesmerises your colleagues at a private work function. Listens to everything you have to say with a tentative sincerity that lulls into the deepest of trances. She is a mystical and exotic creature and the city can be equal parts cruel and kind to her, but she always prevails. A London escort is a real life fantasy.