What Women Should Know

There are some things that you can’t say to women, even though you wish they knew. They’d probably accuse you of being insensitive, and would never believe that the rest of the male race feel the same way! There are also some top secrets that women can use to manipulate us, and we wish they didn’t know them, but ladies have been a part of our lives for so long that they’ve learned how to push our buttons.

Our UK escorts meet gentlemen on a regular basis, so have become quite familiar with male habits and ways of thinking. For example, they know that if there’s something they want from a boyfriend, the best time to ask is just before sex! Men will agree to almost anything at this time, desperate to just end the conversation and get down to business. This is no longer a secret, and you may notice that it’s just when things are heating up that she’ll ask you to go to the ballet or for a new piece of furniture. Any other time you’d stand your ground, but you want her so badly at that moment that you’ll probably agree to it.

One thing that girls should have picked up on by now is not to try and strike up a conversation with us when we’re watching sports. We don’t mind her sitting with us, as long as the only noise she makes is to cheer or boo at the game. This is a time when we need to concentrate on the screen, not talk about which shade of lilac to paint the bathroom. The cardinal sin is walking back and forth in front of the screen while sport is on – we could miss something vital! If she doesn’t want a grumpy man, she should respect the sport and save the chats for afterwards.

We can imagine how uncomfortable they must be after standing around for a long time, but you can’t beat a pair of high heels. Not only do they look sexy, but they also improve a girl’s figure and posture; her legs will look longer and more toned, and they will emphasize her bust from standing up straight. Never underestimate how much better we think girls look in high heels – we just can’t buy into these ballet pumps or clumpy wedges.

Now that we’ve told our secrets, hopefully the ladies will catch on, just like our UK escorts did!