What’s the Perfect Dress Code?

Some girls look stunning in absolutely anything, whether it’s a cocktail dress or your baggy t-shirt. Others have a particular style which means that they look better in some things than others (and we all know that some girls look best in nothing at all!). There are times when clients will call up our escort agency and ask for the escort they have booked to arrive wearing something in particular, either for a special occasion or just to suit their tastes. We’ve been on girl watch in London, and these are some of the styles that emerged.


Women off all ages can pull of classic styling. It often involves tailoring and muted colours such as cream and beige, along with darks such as navy, black and grey. It can make a lady look classy and sophisticated, especially if worn with pearls or diamonds.


It has become very trendy in London to shop in vintage stores and echo styles from the 1920s through to the 1980s; this can bring very mixed results! Some girls look incredible, channelling the hollywood sirens and pin up girls who set pulses racing back in the 50s. Others throw on a bunch of clashing patterns, making themselves quite the eye sore!


Girls with tattoos, piercings and dyed hair always look like they’d be a bit naughty in bed. Even if we usually like feminine girls, there’s something sexually appealing about a goth girl or a punk rocker. One of our London escort girls fits this bill, and she is more popular than you might think!


Just like the goth girls, we know that we shouldn’t fancy slutty dressers, but we can’t really help it! When girls go out at night wearing stilettos and a tiny skin tight skirt, your first fleeting thought is “she must be freezing”, but that’s soon overridden with the urge to look up their skirt to see if they have any knickers on. It’s just human nature.


Celebrities like Sienna Miller brought boho chic back into fashion, which is just an updated version of hippy style. Think flowing cotton dresses, tassels and natural fabrics. It can look cute and pretty, great if you like a fun loving girl.

Our escorts in Three Rivers have a variety of different styles, including those listed above. If you happen to have a preference, it’s a good idea to specify this when you make your booking to make sure she arrives dressed just how you like.