What’s Your Type?

Plenty of men have a particular type of girl that they’re attracted to; they might favour petite Oriental girls, or have a love of curves. Our blonde escorts know that many of their clients specifically prefer blondes too. However, physical looks aren’t the only thing that attracts you to someone; you may meet a girl who fits the bill exactly but no sparks fly.

What we would like to know is what is it that ignites that spark? How come two people might click immediately, while another two don’t? This question of sexual attraction has baffled scientists for centuries. The idea of love and lust… it is still unexplainable.

There are certain factors that can determine whether you’re likely to click with someone or not, although they don’t apply 100% of the time. This will just give you an idea of what your ‘type’ may be, and who you’re most likely to be compatible with.

Although you read fictional stories about a princess falling in love with a pauper or vice versa, the reality is quite different. People are generally attracted to others on a similar level to themselves in terms of education, wealth and social status, religion and intelligence. Vast differences between to people in any of these factors can cause a rift between a couple, making it difficult for you to see eye to eye.

You might meet someone who you inexplicably feel a connection and a familiarity with; it may be because something in your past echoes an aspect of their personality, or perhaps you have been through similar experiences. This can really help you relate to somebody.

They say that opposites attract; this is sometimes true in the first case, because it can cause a lot of fire and passion. However this can be the same thing that drives them apart in the end, when they simply can’t come to an agreement about something trivial. However, it could work if you bring out the best in each other, such as having a calming effect on someone who usually gets worked up, or cheering up someone who’s often grumpy. This effects can also wear off eventually, which is why it’s important not to take these qualities for granted.

Although there are certain genes, chemicals and hormones that can instantly attract you to someone, only time will tell if they’re a good match for you or not. You need to go out there and meet someone to find out for yourself!