When Life Gets You Down…

There are often times when it can feel like you’re never really sure of anything. The world seems to be whizzing past, going a thousand miles an hour, and you feel that for as long as you can remember, you’ve not moved an inch. This is all too common a problem for anyone, but we cannot stress how important it is to treat yourself. Indulging in your passion can sometimes feel materialistic or shallow. We are here to tell you you couldn’t be more wrong. You could try, but we don’t believe you would be successful. The fact is, life can, at times, be absolutely rubbish. At other times it seems it couldn’t get any better. Think back to those times. Think what you were doing when those times happened. Were you sitting by yourself in front of a television on a Saturday night? Were you staring into the bottom of an empty glass in a down and out pub?

We’re going to hazard a guess and say no. Were you out for a meal with a beautiful woman, or perhaps spending time with one of the fabulous and flirtatious London escorts we have for you here at V? We take the over zealous shake of the head to mean yes. And why wouldn’t you be? With every news report consisting of impending doom, it’s never been more important to stay upbeat and truly enjoy life as much as possible. If you like ice skating, we say grab some blades and do your best Bambi impression. Not in the mood to break the ice with your fall? Perhaps a cinema screening is more your kind of taste. We hear the new films out are quite incredible, though Titanic 3D remains lost on us here at V.

It seems the addition of a few bits of mercury to the thermometer is just enough to bring out the chairs in the pub garden that have remained untouched since August of last year. Or for some eager beavers, potentially September. Though I think the rule about wearing flip flops in months with an ‘r’ in should be extended to pub gardens. When the smoking ban came through, you might have seen a couple of groups of men, seated on the wooden chairs, just so they could indulge in a fag and a pint at the same time. But as they got more common sense, it seemed they were not as bothered about this and headed inside. It just makes sense. We would have suggested spending time with one of the brunette escorts from V, if we’re honest. What’s that we hear you cry? That at £110 an hour, it’s got to be a case of TGTBT(too good to be true)? You are, thankfully, very much mistaken.