While You Wait…

One of the best things about our escort service is the speed in which the girls arrive to you. Not only are our phone lines open and manned all day every day, but we make sure that there are always girls available to meet you too. Whatever time of day or night you call, we can guarantee that we’ll be able to accommodate your needs. Once you’ve called to make the booking, your chosen escort will leave straight away with her professional driver (assuming it is an immediate booking), and for appointments in central London it could be even less that 45 minutes until she’s at your door! For those based further outside the city centre it will take a bit longer for her to arrive, but we always aim to have her at your door within an hour. The booking agent will give you an estimation based on the distance.

During this hour of waiting for your escort to arrive, you might become a little nervous; it’s not every day that a drop dead gorgeous woman turns up at your door! Instead of sitting there twiddling your thumbs, why not fill the time with something useful? Not only will it make the time pass more quickly, but you’ll feel better prepared when your pretty escort arrives.

Many clients like to take a shower before their escort gets there. This will leave you feeling fresh and awake after a long day; it will clear your head and make you smell great too! Everyone loves that clean feeling, so you will have more confidence in yourself. It’s wise to get things like this out of the way beforehand so that you don’t waste any of the time you’ve paid for while you’re together.

If you enjoy reading, why not check out our erotic stories? There are many on our website that have been written about beautiful escort girls – both fictional tales and real life accounts. It will build the anticipation, and might even get you a bit hot under the collar… we must warn you that some of the stories get quite saucy so prepare for some sexual tension!

Finally, make sure that you have any refreshments you might need for the both of you; perhaps you’d like to have some champagne on ice, or a bottle of wine ready to pour. If you want to make the atmosphere more romantic, try dimming the lights and playing some soft music in the background. She’ll be swept off her feet!