Why So Shy?

You might wonder why some of the escorts on our website choose to blur their faces. The reason is quite simple. It’s not because they’re shy, or because there’s something they want to hide; it’s to protect their identity. Many of our clients will be able to relate to this, because they too wish to keep their relations private and discreet. You may not want your colleagues, friends or family to know that you’re seeing an escort girl, and it works both ways – some London escorts prefer to keep their work and social lives separate, and would rather not broadcast the fact that they are escorting in London.

Some gentlemen deliberately avoid booking the escorts who have their faces blurred or concealed, because they believe that these girls must not be as pretty as those who show their faces. Trust us – this is not true! At V London Escorts, we have a very high reputation to protect, so we only allow the most beautiful girls to represent our agency. If a girl does not have a pretty face, you won’t find her in our gallery. Whether you have a perfect view from every angle of an escort’s face, or whether there are just clear shots of her body, we can guarantee you that she is gorgeous all over.

Mystery is one of the sexiest qualities a girl can have. It’s great to leave a little to the imagination, so that there’s always more excitement to come as you discover more about her. You know the thrill of first undressing a girl, and seeing how hot she looks naked? It’s so much more satisfying if you’ve never seen her body before. This can happen when you book one of our escorts with blurred faces; you know she has a fit body, but when you see her face in person for the first time, your heart will leap in your chest. Or you could imagine going on a blind date, feeling the anticipation in your stomach as you pray that she’s not a complete moose. Then you turn up, and find a stunning girl who looks like a supermodel – you can hardly believe your luck! This is another good example of how it feels to meet one of our escorts with a concealed face.

We hope that one day there will be no stigma attached to the escort industry, and people will be able to see it for the exciting adult experience that it is. But until then, some London escorts will still wish to keep their identities private, leaving us the delicious mystery of discovering their beauty in person.