Wild Wimbledon Women

So the tennis has begun and we have to be honest, we’re rather quite excited. It seems that after the abysmal performance at the Euros, you made it past the group stages, well done boys, we need some sporting occurrences to excite us. And when we have one Brit to win this year for us, it seems highly likely that he should triumph over 128 other people. Or just the seven people he needs to play and win, obviously. Often seen as quite a gentry sport, tennis is something that can absolutely be watched, and enjoyed, by everyone. The women are attractive enough to entice the men, and we’re sure the men taking off their shirts during the break don’t discourage the female viewers. So now we’ve set the barrier of just what fine things there are to look at during this incredibly fortnight period where it’s athlete central, it’s time to concentrate on the game itself, and what things it can throw up. Like the overwhelming support for an underdog.

Everyone roots for an underdog, unless they’re against a home favourite, because it can be nice to support those that seem to not have a very good chance of winning a particular game. This can be applied to the art of companionships. Just bear with us. In the same way an inexperienced escort can surprise you, Lukas Rosol surprised the entire tennis world after he, ranked 100th, knocked out the world’s number two in the second round. Having to play seven games, Rafael Nadal only managed to win one, leaving three of the top four players in tennis to battle it out for the crown of Wimbledon champion. Of course we’re jumping the gun, but as our shining beacon of hope, favourite Andy Murray has only won two games so far, but we think that the need to remain upbeat is paramount.

The fact is, those that aren’t perhaps as experienced as others are always more eager, enthusiastic and adrenaline driven. They know that they are expected to be lesser than their colleagues, which often prompts them to strive to succeed because they feel the odds are stacked against them. Next time you ring one of our helpful receptionists, available 24/7, and you ask for an experienced companion, think about maybe asking for one that’s not so experienced. You will certainly be pleasantly surprised with the English escort that arrives at your door.