The Winds Are Changing

The nights are slowly getting shorter as we find ourselves approaching the seasonal change. This, we cannot be more excited for. Whilst this summer has been absolutely sensational, both in terms of sporting achievement and uncategorical warm weather that we most certainly took advantage of, there is something quite exciting about the autumn. Not only does it create gorgeous scenes reminiscent of a scene from a Woody Allen film, a gorgeous cinematographer, we no longer have to carry around a piece of cardboard with which to fan ourselves with. The hot weather, when you’re at home or in a village pub garden, is sensationally welcome. Yet when you’re travelling on the tubes, rushing to the train station or in an office that lacks air conditioning, it is less than satisfactory.

In small doses, the sun is absolutely perfect. But the idea of layering up with jumpers, scarves and a gorgeous shearling-lined coat is what it’s all about, and the biggest pull for the season change. Whilst there are a number of ways you can warm up, we’ve only ever heard fantastic things about the English escorts for this sort of thing, there’s nothing better than a cosy jumper. We all have that one, some of us more, item of clothing that sits in the wardrobe that is seemingly only used for a cosy TV day. Of course, if we had it our way, everyday would be a TV day. Previously we have had others speak of their worry over our television consumption, but it’s nothing illegal so what’s the beef, people? It relaxes us, and we enjoy it. Surely the only thing worth nothing?

With everyone having an opinion, it’s easy to become swayed by the masses and alter your routine to appease the public. Which, unless you’re famous, let’s be honest, isn’t really that important. But back to the jumper. A cosy knit is something that should never be undervalued. And as we find ourselves in the midst of London Fashion Week, we are reminded that clothes are immediately changeable. It’s not like losing weight or having a haircut. It’s something that you can alter in an instance, and it’s what people first see when you’re walking down the street. So play around with, and if the others don’t like it, they’re just big ol’ bores.