Woah, Woah, Woah! It’s Friday!

So we’ve got that Friday feeling in a BIG way. It seems no-one will ever get tired of waking up and thinking ‘It’s the weekend!’. This is not something limited to those in school. We love nothing better than waking up and realising that it’s Friday. Knowing that we don’t have to get up early (unless we’ve been silly and booked an appointment first thing) brings us so much joy we sometimes can’t even understand. As the winter months slowly approach us (though the bitter wind makes it seem like the season is slapping us around the face), we are enjoying more and more, there seems to be the most welcome return of the duvet snuggle. We know we’ve already partly done it, but we don’t want to simply list all the reasons as to why Friday is our favourite day of the week.

Because we know just how important we are to our clients, we never stop providing you with simply stunning busty, blonde or brunette escort; whichever one takes your fancy. Somewhat experts in this industry, everyone knows that any week is never properly over with without indulging in the company of a perfect companion. And when you’ve got the most beautiful girls in the city to choose from, it’s clear why Friday is most certainly our favourite day of the week. Late night drinking, late rises, a cup of coffee with the papers and possibly a cooking show. A walk into town, wandering around the shops, spot of pub lunch, delightful. Maybe get on with some DIY, or if you’re looking to move, head to some estate agents, perhaps. Either way, Saturday’s are meant to be the days you take a snail’s pace. If planned right, you can get a lot of work done, but it can be done at a leisurely stroll, if we’re honest.

There is never an excuse to say ‘there’s nothing to do’. You live in the one of the greatest cities in the world; take advantage of this.