What if you Don’t Click With Your Escort?

On rare occasions, it could happen that you book an escort for the evening, but for some reason the two of you don’t click, or she is not what you were expecting. Our girls are all stunning, but it’s impossible to satisfy every whim, 100% of the time. So what do you do if you find yourself in such a situation? How do you handle it?

There could be two situations in this case:

The first situation is that you booked through an unfamiliar escort agency who did not send you the appropriate lady to match your requirements. Maybe you booked a brunette escort, and the escort who turned up was a blonde – she might have dyed her hair since her photos were taken! Or perhaps the escort did not turn up in the requested costume, such as a French Maid outfit. It might also happen that you just don’t like the escort who comes, and you don’t have any real reason why. It could be an immediate reaction, or delayed. Either you don’t like the escort as soon as you see her or you realize after spending some time together that your escort is not up to your expectations.

The second situation is that you didn’t clearly explain your specific requirements, so the escort who arrives doesn’t quite fit the bill. You must ensure you confirm with your booking agency regarding sending the escort back. Many escort agencies have a short period of grace time. You may have to just pay for her cab fare if you don’t wish to go through with your booking. So you can see why it’s important that you act fast. You can save yourself a lot of confusion by making sure you learn about the policies of the escort agency before you make your booking.

In either case, you should always make a point of explaining your requirements very clearly to the escort agency. If you want mature escorts for their companionship, you need to specify. If you’re looking for black escorts or brunette escorts, voice your preferences while booking and confirm that you’d like a black escort or brunette escort. Always give the agency a couple of preferences in case your first choice is unavailable.

You should always deal with your escort lady politely, even if you don’t click with her. The girl has come with the intention of making you happy, and it’s respectful to treat them courteously. Even if you want to send her back, don’t make any personal remarks. Your escort as well as the agency will appreciate your polite behaviour and they’ll be encouraged to satisfy you next time.