East End Delights

If you had said, 15 or even 10 years ago that carrying on east past Liverpool Street would be your ticket to one of the capital’s most popular areas, people would think you were mad. The straight jackets would be out and you’d be carted off. Now, there’s a cafe selling cereal that draws in all the headlines, conversations in coffee shops range fixate on the utterly obscure and so many incredible escorts in East London that you’re spoilt for choice. It’s an area transformed.

So what is it about the area that’s so attractive to people? Simply put, it’s oddness. That might seem strange to those who are thinking of the outer regions when it comes to their escorts in East London, to the suburbs and the working man’s areas, but before you get there far out, there’s a whole different area. A combination of the university, the proximity to central and the summer games of 2012 have left it an area that uniquely combines the quality of the capital’s heart with the East End’s charm. The result is…eclectic, let’s put it that way. You’re going to see plenty of waxed moustaches and beards, top hats and tails, lumberjack shirts and icecream sandwiches.

Speaking of which: the crone. What better way to describe the area now than to look at one of the things being sold within in. A combination of a cronut and an ice cream cone, it houses 2 scoops of everyone’s favourite delight and is distinctively indulgent. This odd hybrid is born from another of course: the combination of doughnut and croissant that has been taking the city by storm. Flaky, buttery, sugary, it’s every instagrammer’s dream. And it says a lot about this part of the city that their first reaction to such a thing was to take it to an even weirder level.

But that’s the area now. You’re going to see East London escorts sitting in deck chairs in the sun, eating crones with young clients where they once would have been reserved to the studios of artists seeking inspiration. They’re out with the tech boys from nearby startups, enjoying nights on the town with people that have travelled in specifically to be there. It’s a whole new world.

The only thing we worry about, is whether or not this part of the city is going to lose its soul. Underneath all the new changes and the hipsterism and everything going on, there is a worry that’s shared amongst many that this will be the end of what was a very down to earth place with artistic inspiration, that its grime will see the same gentrification that occurred with places like Camden. They ostensibly appear the same but the reality is that it’s all manufactured: graffiti artists paid to vandalise things, dodgy market stalls that are actually fronted by chains, that sort of thing. That there might one day be no room for the East London escorts, for the deviants and the weirdos and the fringe. That day would be a tragic one, and we hope it never comes.