Feast for the Senses

Whether you’re a lawyer, a student or one of our lovely English escorts, it’s hard not to be a foodie these days. With all the incredible dishes on offer around the capital, we just can’t seem to stop exploring the incredible sights and sounds that London’s food scene has to offer.

There is, of course, the fine dining scene. Places like Dinner, La Gavroche and the Ledbury continue to fly the flag high for the refined scene, and do so with gusto. Their talented chefs have been celebrated the world over, and it’s easy to see why people actually travel all the way here just to see them. The chance to eat at some of the best restaurants around is a serious draw and those that come to the city regularly will tell you just how much it excites them to enjoy such incredible delights. These are the types of places where every meal is an experience you’ll always cherish, which is why we’ll often have clients come and acquire an English escort beforehand, someone who can talk and charm and thrill with the best of them. When you’re going for the perfect night, you need the perfect girl to go with it.

It’s not all white tablecloths and red wine reductions though. There’s a bustling street food and casual dining scene in the city that continues to grow at a rapid pace. The kind of thing where you can go and get a pulled pork bun from the back of a modified van at any of London’s markets. Portobello, Spitalfields, Borough, they’re all teeming with new and exciting food just waiting to be tried. For those of us that love to eat but aren’t so keen on the formality, it’s the perfect way to get interested in food without having to become part of the restaurant culture.

It’s so much more relaxed and accessible. We like to think of it how we think of our English escorts in London. For both groups, there are people that have a real desire to enjoy the experience, but feel a little bit intimidated by the whole thing. Maybe they’ve gone elsewhere before and been given stuffy service. So they give up, they think it’s not for them and that’s that. Until they see this new and exciting world, where all that matters is enjoying yourself. Where the customer always comes first. Suddenly, it’s fun again, it’s exciting again. They can have what they want, when they want it. It really is that simple.

Then there’s the variety of dishes on offer. You might think that when it comes to British food, there’s a limited selection. In reality, that’s simply not the case. Much like with our English escorts, not everything coming from these isles will be the same. Infact, there’s a great deal of difference between it all. You can go to a traditional place and get roast beef and yorkshires, done to a high standard with marrowbone gravy. Or you can go to a hip little restaurant in Shoreditch and get wild peas with lovage oil, sheep’s cheese and handpicked petals. The city really does scour the length and breadth of the country to ensure that anyone that comes here is never bored. There’s always something new, much like with our ladies. An English escort can be of any ethnicity, any body shape, height or personality. She might be a party girl or she might just a seductive charmer. The point is, whatever you want, London has it.