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She offered to arrange a discreet hotel room for me but I preferred a visit at my home. When the knock at the door came I felt a little bit nervous but when I opened the door the sensation immediately dissolved and was replaced with another distinct sensation – she was here with me – this beautiful woman, for hours to come! Suddenly I was awash with desires. I could envision her bending over and looking back at me. I could envision her in any manner of pose. My pulse started racing and a warm, familiar heat stirred between my legs.

She was elegant and graceful, she was friendly and had a great sense of humour. She guided me when I was unsure and worked very hard to ensure that all of my needs were met. Afterwards she helped me tidy up a bit and gave me a warm, caring hug. That twinkle in her eye assured me that she had enjoyed herself as much as I had! Since then I’ve visited with a few London escorts but she is my favourite. We still see each other twice a month and she doesn’t mind if I spend time with other women as well. I really feel like I’ve finally figured it out. My life feels peaceful these days and I walk around with a bounce in my step. I love London escorts!