Remembering Your Social Manners

In today’s society, manners seem to be used less than they used to – it’s as if social etiquette has gone down the drain. Of course, times change as does social behaviour and what is expected of you, but you should still make an effort to be polite at all times. It will get you further in the work place, with women and with friends – nobody likes someone who’s outwardly rude and doesn’t care what people think of them. Here are a few timeless manners that you should adopt permanently if you want to get ahead in life.

Be as punctual as you can. This might mean arriving at work on time, or not turning up to a party too ‘fashionably’ late. Making excuses when you arrive late only makes you look worse; you should check your route before you leave, allow time for traffic and plan ahead. That way you won’t ruffle anyone’s feathers and make yourself look rude.

When you’re in any public situation, be mindful of those around you to avoid causing offence. Not everyone is comfortable with swearing or vulgar jokes, so make sure you know your audience before pulling these out. Watch how much you’re drinking too where alcohol is involved; don’t drink because you’re nervous – this could result in your seriously embarrassing yourself. If everyone else at a party is letting their hair down then it’s fine to follow suit, but you don’t want to be remembered as the guy who puked on his boss’ shoe.

Always be polite to serving staff such as waiters and bartenders. Remember that all people are equal, and just because you might earn more money than them, it doesn’t give you the right to speak down to them. These staff are here to ensure that you have a great evening, so show them some respect. If you are openly rude, those around you will have a lower opinion of you – if you were on a date with a Notting Hill escort, she certainly would not be impressed with this behaviour.

Avoid whipping out technology in social situations. If you’re out at dinner or at a party, it is still considered rude to be texting on your phone; if it’s important, excuse yourself and apologise, taking the call somewhere more private. With all of the gadgets around these days it can be hard to avoid them for any length of time, but it is possible!