Spending Your Weekend With Escorts

Have you got that Friday feeling? The sun is shining over London, and we can feel our Borough escorts getting excited about the weekend to come – especially the girls who have hot dates lined up with our customers!

Although there are still many jobs that must be carried out over the weekend to keep the world turning, many Londoners work Monday to Friday, and have Saturday and Sunday as their own free time. Some use this to catch up on household chores and to run errands, others visit family and some just kick back and relax. The bars and pubs fill after 5pm on Friday as people start to unwind after a busy week, having a drink and catching up with their friends. We have all this to look forward to!

Many people are of the opinion that weekends are more fun throughout Spring and Summer, as there is so much more to do. You can go for a picnic in the park, a walk through the city or even trying some water sports. Gentlemen prefer to spend time with our beautiful London escorts during the daytime throughout these warmer months, making the most of the balmy weather. This weekend, we are forecast sunshine and temperatures higher than average for this time of year; it is expected that the city will come to life in a flurry of sunglasses and ice cream!

Traditionally, Saturday evening is the time to have a big night out and Sunday is a day of rest. Not everyone does things this way round, but it makes sense to rest on Sunday if you’re back to work for a fresh start on Monday. If you really want to indulge yourself, try booking one of our escort girls to give you a long, sensual massage. You’ll feel all the tension in your body melt away as her hands work their way over you, and every nerve ending will feel alive! We couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday.

As for Saturday night, there are so many different things you could do around London. If you’re with family, perhaps a group activity such as a trip to the cinema or going bowling would suit you. A night out with friends could be spent in a bar or club, or perhaps going to watch some life music. If you’re out on a date with your partner or with a London escort, you can’t beat a romantic table for two at your favourite restaurant.