What Turns Her Off?

We all dread to hear those four little words: “I have a headache”. Having your sexual advances rejected by your partner can really lower your self confidence, and if it happens repeatedly you might not want to try at all and your sex life could end up fizzling out. No man wants this to happen, and many have been driven to spend time with London escorts when they don’t feel valued in their own home. However, there are several things that can contribute to your woman losing her libido, it doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong.

There are many psychological issues that could have her feeling low, but perhaps she has not confided in you. A lot of women have body image issues and this leaves them with low self esteem and little confidence. Signs of this are if she will only have sex with the lights off, or if she won’t undress in front of you. The most common worry is about weight; reassure her that you find her beautiful and that you desire her.

If she’s under any stress, this could also kill her sex drive. Offer her a sensual massage to help her unwind and remind her of life’s sensory pleasures. Anxiety will also affect her sex drive; the only way to tackle this is to talk to her and get to the route of the problem. In more serious cases it could be traced back to childhood trauma or abuse if she has a fear of sex – just be there for her until she completely trusts you.

If your partner is in poor health, it will affect her libido. It’s a fact that women who do more exercise have higher sex drives, and a healthy diet will give you more energy for bedroom activities. Be careful how you approach this topic though – she won’t react well to criticism in this area! Suggest a long walk together or offer to cook for the both of you to tackle this problem tactfully.

Check what time of the month it is; women can be affected by PMT for up to a week before their period. Some women suffer more than others, but around this time hormones will be flying. Rather than arguing back, it’s best just to back down at this time. And whatever you do, don’t ask her if it’s time of the month!

Other factors that can interfere with her libido are some forms of birth control such as the pill, and certain medications like antidepressants. Many illegal substances also kill the sex drive, especially on the come down after a high. The best advice is to get healthy, and show her how much you want her!