East Enders – 2017 January 27

Ever since the summer games hit in 2012, East London has been the place in terms of popularity. Before that, it wasn’t particularly well known or well loved due to a lack of refinement. It was a place where a man would come for a fine East London escort, then leave as soon as he could, his mind filled with happiness from the lady but with little regard to where she worked

The United Kingdom? – 2020 August 10

When it comes to being inclusive, there are few cities in the world that are quite like London. Oh we know what you’re thinking: that things aren’t as good as they could be here and that there’s still plenty of room to improve. The thing is though, just think about it for a minute. Take off the cynical, self deprecating tones that we Londoners love to have and think. Whether it’s or just immigrants in general, can you think of another city that has truly embraced them as much?

Bank on It – 2020 July 15

t’s been a busy couple of weeks for the capital, but we just couldn’t resist looking at some recent news that really sums up what it’s like to live here. There are some that say the true power in the capital lies not in Westminster but in the City, that a Canary Wharf escort probably knows as much about running the country as half of the ministers do.

Boo to Brexit! – 2020 June 29

Sometimes you just have to speak up. When politics starts to enter your life, and you don’t actively go seeking it. Considering what happened last week, you probably already know what this entry is about. Brexit of course! The event sweeping the nation and causing serious unrest and civil strife.

It’s Coming Home – 2020 June 22

The football has come around again and there’s really very little else that can compete. The thrill of watching your team take the lead, the suspense as they try and hold it, the heartbreak of a late equaliser and the sheer elation of that last minute winner: it’s enough to make anyone’s pulse rise.

Shopping in the City! – 2013 December 20

London has long been synonymous with scenes of bustling shoppers hunting for bargains, their arms laden with paper bags, eyes darting between the bewildering number of goods on offer. Some tourists have mistaken this to mean that the entire city is famous for its fine shopping and have ended up rather disappointed when they arrived at some of its high streets only to find that the choice of shops was no more than that of the average town.

Ring in the New! – 2013 December 17

London escorts are the hot topic on the capital’s lips once again! With the weekend coming up, many guys are throwing off the hassles of the working week and starting to consider how they’re going to enjoy their time off. The answer is simple, for those with plenty of taste anyway. They’re going to see a beautiful lady and enjoy her lovely company. Over the next few days we will receive countless calls from the men of London, each one hoping to secure some precious time with their babe of choice. With such a fine range of London escorts available, it’s not surprising that many feel spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a beauty.

Relight your fire – 2013 October 28

Winter may be a bit gloomy for some but our London escorts will certainly brighten your day!

Getting down with London escorts – 2013 June 18

London escorts will brighten up even the dullest of summers! Stop moping and start smiling because our fresh, summer babes are coming to free you from the world of paperwork and deadlines.

Out and About with the Best London Escorts – 2013 June 10

London escorts are the perfect companions for anyone looking to while the sunny weather with a gorgeous girl.

London escorts come in all shapes and sizes – 2013 June 07

A little bit of spice and variety in your London escorts is essential. Thankfully, the capital offers a wide range of truly stunning girls to really make your summer a great one.

Sunshine and Shoreditch escorts – 2013 June 03

A London escort isn’t the only hip thing in the capital this summer. Read here to find out about the city’s latest hotspot and the girls that are flocking there.

Misread or Misled? – 2013 April 12

Can you really misread someone, or are you being deliberately misled? It seems that not only are we forced to make our own decisions in some instances where the wish is there for us to have more support, no one can ever actually know if these are the right actions. Not everything is as easy as deciding to spend time with any of the London escorts that we have for you at V. Because in those circumstances, it’s always yes!

Easter Weekend – 2013 March 29

So the four day weekend has reared its stunning head, and as one of the best London escort agencies in the city, V London is more than prepared to deal with the influx of interest from their clients. No man wants to spend these glorious days alone, and when they catch a glimpse of any of our girls, they certainly won’t, but sometimes there are more practical ways of spending it.

Do We REALLY Need to Budget? – 2013 March 22

So this week the budget was announced, and it seems that we are having to tighten our belts for what seems like the millionth consecutive year. At this rate we’re going to have to put another hole on the leather strip to ensure the buckle is tightly fastened. We seemed to have digressed with the belt metaphor, but that’s fine. It seems whenever the world ‘budget’ is mentioned, it is often attributed to immediately cutting out the good things in life, the things we actually enjoy. It doesn’t always need to be this way. If we ‘budget’, thinking about where we spend money that could probably be avoided, we should still be able to enjoy the luxuries in life. Just because the country is in a recession that is seemingly lasting about four thousand years, it doesn’t mean that we have to cut back on every single thing that makes us happy, that brings us joy and that we want to do in life. It’s often the menial things, the everyday spendings that we don’t even think about that make all the difference. If you start your day working through, we’re sure you could save plenty of money, and then still be able to spoil yourself every once in awhile.

Football! – 2013 March 18

So, anyone who isn’t necessarily a football fan might not completely understand the importance of today, and less so if you’re not a Chelsea fan, but we think certain feats should not go unnoticed. Which is why, rather than tell you how adorable and just downright gorgeous any of the sensational escorts we have at V London, we’re gonna talk boy talk. Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing like talking about the amazing women in the city, but sometimes we just need football and beer to get us going. Am I right? And today, we’re talking about the LEGEND that is Frank Lampard, who has just celebrated a milestone that few are able to contend with; his 200th goal for his club, in under twelve years.

A Different Type of Adrenaline Junkie – 2013 March 07

So, we all love a good holiday. It gives us an excuse to escape the hubbub of the city and really relax. Everyone has differing preferences when it comes to what helps them relax, but some are just ridiculously questionable. The beach one is clear; you sit on sand and do absolutely nothing for anywhere from seven to fourteen days. Perhaps you’ve bought a plethora of books with you. But after the first couple of days, you will no doubt have bought a trashy magazine or just given up entirely and lay there listening to your iPod whilst catching the rays. Others might book a city break, using the opportunity to take in as much culture as possible and really go head first into the knowledge that we can get from this trip. Some may even want to jump off a cliff. In terms of base jumping, etc.! Nothing untoward here, thank you kindly. However, we have found something that whilst it does not seem like a holiday in anyway, not to mention the fact that they pay you instead of you having to shell out a load of cash for the best suite the hotel has to offer, it might be a little bit dangerous.

Why Are You Doing That?! – 2013 February 28

Now, we don’t normally tackle religious issues on the V Blog, we like to keep things light-hearted because we know many people come to us to brighten up their day. But when something happens that hasn’t since the Middle Ages, how on earth could we not? Though we will only touch upon it, to show that we are very much up with the time and we do keep an eye on the news and what is happening in the world, rather than just updating the girls’ profiles and galleries. Yet, we think that we can probably guess which one you’d rather we concentrated on.

Where Can I Take My Valentines Escort? – 2013 February 14

The top places to take your loved one this holiday will surely have all been booked up; they say that Thursday is the new Friday. And when you’re having to really spoil your partner you should know that it’s all about the preparation. If you’re wanting to show you’ve made an effort, perhaps avoid the most generic and chain-led restaurants, instead selecting somewhere that’s perhaps a stand alone, or not that well known. These places are still trying to get their name out there, so almost always go that extra mile. That’s not to say our Valentine escorts don’t try that extra bit hard – after all, they want you to come back and see them again. And if you have a look at our gallery, we’re sure you will. If you’ve not done your homework, perhaps you’ve forgotten to book somewhere, there are plenty of places to head to. Don’t forget, they’re not just for couples. You can take your chosen companion there, and really wine and dine your gorgeous girl.

Valentine’s Day Escorts Are Rather Lovely – 2013 February 11

Boys, be prepared for the most hectic week of your life since the summer games. It seems we still can’t refer to it as its official name because of some very strict copyright laws that prevent any mention of it unless you’ve paid about a squillion quid, and we just don’t have the resources. You might be a right eager beaver, always prepared for whatever life has to throw at you. Or you might be the one that picks something up on the way home from work. Whatever one you are, you will no doubt be slightly panicking about the need to be spontaneous and thoughtful for your partner, having a gift of some sort. It can cause plenty of arguments if you don’t come home from a long, hard day at work with arms, laden down with gifts. This is strenuous on any relationship, and those that opt out of dating because of work commitments or various other undertakings, it’s this time of year that they really celebrate. Nothing is expected of them and there won’t be any miffed faces if they don’t spend a lot in a jewellery store. In fact, we think that perhaps Valentine’s Day may be slightly overrated. But you can still make an effort to ensure you’re in the best shape of your life in case you do happen to wander into the path of the one. Or at least the one for now. And if you need some additional tips, the pleasure guide comes courtesy of the beautiful Valentines escorts.