Another ASBO for Loud Sex…

A woman in Washington near Newcastle has been arrested yet again after complaints from her neighbours for loud sex sessions! We heard about Caroline Cartwright back in January when she was given a suspended a jail sentence.

Just two months later, she obviously couldn’t keep the volume down on her sexual antics as several neighbours lodged yet more complaints. This time she is being kept in a bail hostel to prevent her and her husband Steve from sleeping together – it would seem that desperate times call for desperate measures. Caroline had already spent 10 months in the hostel last year after 4 years of disturbing the locals with noisy bed banging, moans, groans and screams.

In an attempt to solve the problem, the amorous couple tried moving their bed downstairs into the dining room where the noise couldn’t be heard as much, but their attempts were futile. Neighbours could still clearly overhear their romps, around 10.15am and filed their complaints once again.

It would seem that Mrs Cartwright could take a leaf out of our London escorts book and learn something about discretion… sometimes a lady’s love life should be kept a little more private! Everyone knows that some things should be left behind closed doors, and this case is a prime example.

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