Avatar – A Hit at Cinemas

It seems like every other billboard in London is being used to advertise James Cameron’s return to film. With twelve years separating him from his last film (Titanic), this is a return to directing on the grandest scale.

The film is set on a distant alien planet, Pandora, and involves interaction between humans and a race of strange blue creatures. It has been described by critics across the board as a visually immersive experience, and the CGI and special effects make it look worth a viewing.

However, it seems that this is the only positive aspect of the film. Critics slate the characters as clichéd, the plotline as linear, and the ideas as half-formed. So if you do go to the cinema to see it, you might want to take a Leicester Square Escort along for company, in case you get bored and need some other entertainment for the duration of the film. But you’d better hurry, time is running out!