Bank on It

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the capital, but we just couldn’t resist looking at some recent news that really sums up what it’s like to live here. There are some that say the true power in the capital lies not in Westminster but in the City, that a Canary Wharf escort probably knows as much about running the country as half of the ministers do. The secrets and the deals that go on there do undoubtedly shape the political landscape here. To deny it is to deny the sheer influence that many of these powerful men wield. What you might not realise though, is that even that is a balancing act.

This week, we saw someone attempt to tip the scales back a little bit. By sacking the chancellor, the new Tory party leader did what no one thought she would do: cut off a link to the City. The message was clear, she would dictate policy and they would listen. The old way, where they worked side by side to influence the nation to the tune of the City, was gone. Before you picture the bankers running around in a blind panic though, remember this isn’t the first time a politician has tried to neuter the city. We’re not going to be seeing any big businesses moving on, or any less demand for our sensational escorts in Canary Wharf, let’s put it that way.

Why? Because the new PM also has a somewhat interesting record when it comes to the City and its influence. She has very much been a supporter of a big, business interested state. One that takes an active part in the shaping of citizen’s lives and is not afraid of getting into bed with the businesses if it means accomplishing end goals that might otherwise be impossible. To some it’s pragmatic, to others opportunistic, to others deplorable. Whatever you think, it’s clear that Britain’s relationship with its businesses on a big scale continues to be worked on. Many a Canary Wharf escort might have reacted with panic to the news of Brexit, but the country looks likely to do as much as possible to ensure that it remains an attractive place for investment.

So before you go pronouncing us dead, before you start wondering if London is going to be surpassed or usurped as the financial capital of the continent, if this is another moment like the first world war, where our crown slips further, don’t worry. Brexit might have been a bad decision in our minds, but everyone is working hard to limit its impact. At the end of the day, it’s just bad for business, which is why everyone from the PM to the banks are doing their best to skirt it.

Which is good news for fans of our Canary Wharf escorts of course. The area will remain as attractive as before, and investors will be just as drawn to it in all likelihood. Which means the perpetuation of high standards and, crucially, the continual influx of money. Things won’t be slipping any time soon.