An Escort for St George’s Day

Today, April 23rd, is England’s National Day. Celebrations will be taking place all over the country this weekend in remembrance of St George, our patron saint. On this date we commemorate the generally accepted day of his death in 303AD; some choose to mark this by wearing a red rose in their lapel (though this has become less common in recent years). St George’s Day is not only celebrated in England, but also in many other countries such as Greece and Cyprus, Portugal, Bosnia and Serbia to name a few.

Although St George is the patron saint of England, his nationality is unknown; we cannot even be sure if he ever visited this country. Many speculate that he came from Cappadocia, which is now part of Turkey. Others theorise that he was born at Caludon Castle in Coventry. Unfortunately, the history is so old that it has so far been impossible to prove St George’s origin.

St George was a Christian soldier. As legend tells, he sacrificed his own life to stand by his faith when all soldiers were forced to convert to Paganism. He would not renounce God, so he was tortured and beheaded. As one of the best soldiers, the Emperor did not want George to be killed; he offered him gifts and land to convert, but nothing swayed his Christian beliefs. St George became a martyr and has been remembered by Christians ever since.

The most popular legend is the story of St George slaying the dragon; villagers were forced to sacrifice sheep to the dragon that had nested near the water hole, which supplied water to the whole village. If there were no sheep, they had to sacrifice a maiden, chosen by drawing straws. One day the Princess drew the short straw, and despite the monarch’s protests she had to go down to the dragon to be sacrificed. This is when the heroic St George rode in on his horse, fending off the beast with his crucifix. He killed the dragon with his sword, rescuing the princess and saving all of the villagers. Because his cross had been so powerful, the grateful people of the village converted to Christianity.

Today, English people use this day as a celebration of all things traditionally English. Nobody knows the truth about St George, and many are sceptical about the stories (mainly owing to the fact that dragon’s don’t exist). But there’s no better day to hire one of our sexy English escorts, celebrating in style!