Jeff Wayne’s ‘War of the Worlds’ Once Again Takes to the Road

Many musicians, adept in all sorts of different genres, would cite War of the Worlds as one of their main influences. This epic piece of music is actually a musical interpretation of H.G. Well’s famous sci-fi novel of the same name, but it stands alone as a brilliant piece of art still loved by countless fans of music across the world.

When it took to the stage in 2007, it was met with unexpected amounts of enthusiasm, enough to warrant a second instalment of what was going to be a one off tour. Owing to the massive success of its previous two tours, it now sets its sights on the stage once again.

Promising Martian tripods, lasers, superb string sections and vivid singers, this looks set to be unmissable as its predecessors. Although it is not scheduled to reach the UK until next December, tickets are available already. So why not book a ticket and choose a delightful Kew Escort to accompany you when the show finally does come round?