New Client and Escort Advice

Here’s an article offering advice to both clients and escorts who are new to the business. It can be daunting for both parties; the client can’t be blamed for getting so nervous around a beautiful woman, and a new escort will be concerned about being the best companion she can! It may feel like the pressure is on, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these simple tips, and your first time can be an excellent time.

For Clients: Think of any questions you might want to ask before you make your booking. Our receptionists are trained in this business; you’ll find them very friendly and helpful. However, we are just the booking agency so cannot comment on services offered by the ladies. Decide how you’d like to pay; either give your credit card details for payment over the phone, or have cash ready for when your escort arrives. Remember, you may want to tip her or extend your appointment, so have some extra handy! The price quoted at the time of your booking is all inclusive, so your escort’s transport is covered.

Make sure you provide a nice environment to meet in; if you’re staying in, make sure things are clean and nice – fit for a lady! It’s a good idea to have some refreshments ready for the both of you, such as wine or soft drinks. Don’t worry about what to do or talk about when she arrives; you’ll find that it comes naturally. Escort girls make you feel instantly at ease, and the time will probably pass quicker than you realise! Treat your escort with the utmost respect at all times; if you behave inappropriately, she will leave or call her security in the car outside. This rarely happens, because our clients are gentlemen.

For Escorts: Don’t be nervous about meeting your clients. Most men will be very happy to see you, so things will fall into place easily. Make sure you’re dressed immaculately for every appointment; if someone has paid good money to meet you, they want their dream girl! Your appearance is very important. Make sure you keep to your time slots. Running over could make you late for another booking, but leaving too soon will leave the client unsatisfied. Remember to be friendly, warm and engaging. Being a good escort takes more than just being beautiful; you have to be the best social companion that money can buy. You’ll find that if he is enjoying himself, you will too!