The Summer Games Part Two?

With so much copyright and restrictions surrounding the summer games that happened a few weeks back, we’re not entirely sure where we stand on the games that are starting this week. Because of this, we are simply going to refer to it by the Summer Games Part Two. And if the adverts we’ve been seeing on the television are anything to go by, it’s certainly a given that we will be glued to our screens for the duration of these events. Whilst it would be easy to be overly corny and cheesy, praising these people who have overcome such obstacles that have cruelly tainted their lives and in the face of adversity, triumphing in ways they never thought possible, we really want to. Seeing how these superhumans, as they have been dubbed, have turned their lives around by way of sporting achievements, is something that should not go unnoticed.

With such a diverse collection of athletes attending the games, the reasons for their disabilities are all so different that it shows that no matter where you come from, you can certainly achieve anything. Some were born with disabilities, others suffered from illnesses or accidents, causing them to lose limbs, for example. But the amount of events that are taking place are absolutely astonishing to not only watch, but to truly understand just how much prejudice these people have overcome. And it makes us feel a little bad about moaning about the purely trivial things in life.

Walking to the train station in the morning to catch the train, having to drop someone off at the car garage so they can get a service; all of these things add up. And if we stopped moaning for a day, simply reacting to the things that happened that we could make a change to, it would hopefully change our views and outlook on life for the better. They say you have to do something for twenty-one days before it comes a habit, by which point you do it without even thinking about it. If we can keep this positivity up for twenty-one days, surely we’re well on our way to becoming much better people. It seems without the hassle of whining, instead choosing to act upon something that we want to change, instead of moaning that there is no change without us changing something, we will appreciate that life is for living. You can finally do that skydive, or indulge in time with a London escort. Anything is possible if you’re just willing to try.