The United Kingdom?

When it comes to being inclusive, there are few cities in the world that are quite like London. Oh we know what you’re thinking: that things aren’t as good as they could be here and that there’s still plenty of room to improve. The thing is though, just think about it for a minute. Take off the cynical, self deprecating tones that we Londoners love to have and think. Whether it’s European escorts or just immigrants in general, can you think of another city that has truly embraced them as much?

When it came to Brexit, we overwhelmingly voted in favour of staying in and getting things fixed instead of running away from the problem. Your neighbours, you waiters, your doctors, your cab drivers, your businessmen, your lawyers, your friends, even members of your extended family, somewhere amongst them all there are probably plenty of people who didn’t originally come from this country. And that is fantastic, that exchange of cultures and beliefs drives the city and makes sure that we stay an exciting place to live. It’s why our European escorts are such a diverse bunch after all.

The key to it, is that no one seems to make a big deal. This might seem like an odd thing to say, but it really does make a difference. No one really seems to care where someone else is from, which is how it should be. What difference does it make, really? The colour of someone’s skin, their accent, anything like that? We’re all different, but united by our citizenship of this city. When you think about it, it’s kind of beautiful. It’s why London remains one of the world’s premier capitals, and why so many choose to come and live here over any other options that they might have.

So why are we talking about this today? Well, it’s simple really. From our European escorts in London, to the native girls who were born and bred here, we’ve noticed that there’s a rising sentiment in this city about the issue of immigration. A sense of detachment from the rest of the country. Whilst others are coming out with foul words and vitriol, we’re supporting and encouraging and embracing each other, and we have to say that it’s just amazing. Honestly, it really is fantastic to see. It’s enough to warm anyone’s heart.

So, London, keep it up! We want to see you show that same compassion and inclusiveness you’ve always shown. Be proud of it, keep it coming and let’s prove to the rest of the world that Britain hasn’t become some odd little xenophobic island again, at least not all of it has. There are still those of us that consider ourselves citizens of the world, drink espresso, see a European escort, buy German cars and eat food from the Iberian coast. Mingle with the peoples of every country, and enjoy every moment of it. Let’s stay loud and proud about the fantastic environment our city provides and let’s keep the good times coming for everyone.