Be Prepared

Some men know a long time in advance that they’re going to be meeting with a gorgeous brunette escort, having secured their booking days ago. Others phone up our escort agency on the spur of the moment when the urge takes them; this leaves you less than an hour to get ready for your chosen girl’s arrival! Here are a few ways to get prepared for your date with an escort, whether you’re in a rush or taking your time; doing these things will make it an even more pleasurable experience for both of you.

First of all, make yourself presentable. Make sure you’re freshly showered and smelling good, and as your mother would tell you – don’t forget to brush your teeth! Your escort girl will go to a lot of effort to meet you, so it’s nice to return the gesture. Wear something that you feel comfortable and confident in; perhaps your favourite shirt. Do all the grooming you would for any other date – that might include shaving, styling your hair and a little spritz of cologne. Don’t go overboard though, women don’t like to be gassed! Obviously, the amount of time you spend on grooming depends how far in advance you booked your date; the most important thing is to be clean and hygienic.

Next, prepare your surroundings. If you’re staying in for the evening, it’s probably at your home or in a hotel; the latter is easy to clean up (unless you’ve ordered a lot of room service!) but your home could take a little more work. The main things to check are that your bedsheets are clean and that your kitchen isn’t full of dirty dishes – these are they types of things that women notice! Try to put any dirty clothes lying about in the laundry basket, and open a few windows to air the place if it’s not that fresh. You can work wonders and hide all manner of sins with some low lighting; dim your lamps or light some candles for a romantic setting.

Finally, check if you have any beverages to offer; it’s nice to have a bottle of wine or champagne to share, or maybe even some nibbles if you’re not out to dinner. All of this preparation might make you feel a bit nervous, but it will also set the way for an exciting, pleasurable date that you’ll remember for a long time.