Clara: The Blonde Escort With Attitude

Clara was the most popular blonde escort not just at the agency, but perhaps in the entirety of the greater London area. Why? Maybe it was because of her shamelessness. Clara had recently done an interview with a certain columnist from Rolling Stone which had sky rocketed her profile. In the interview she stated what she had been preaching all along, the only difference was that this time, she was telling the right person; someone who would not only print it, but print it in SUPER MASSIVE WORDS on the front cover of the magazine.

One of Clara’s main arguments when it came to her being negatively criticised or attacked by the media for being a shameless blonde bombshell or blonde escort bombshell -whatever!- was that at least she had a job. I know this sounds somewhat empty as a stand-alone statement, but Clara goes on to explain (or perhaps point out) that, and we quote:

“FAR TOO MANY people wind up getting famous for absolutely NO REASON what so ever! Take the goddamn Kardashians for example. Who are they? They are like one of those manufactured pop bands that spread and multiplied like alien rabbits, tarnishing the 90’s with pure evil. People like them just suddenly pop up. All producers have to do is find a rich family in Hollywood with a bunch of spoilt brats that look pleasing to the eye (sounds far more difficult than it actually is) and them on cable, give them a show whereupon they do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and create a whole miasma of pointless drama for themselves.”

And Clara has a point. But despite the fact that she is what she says is in not arguable, the tabloids still like to call her, “just another blonde escort” or, “another person clawing at their fifteen minutes”. Not so. Sure Clara has been with some very high profile celebrities and in the beginning she used that to get herself into the spotlight, but hey, who hasn’t done something like that to get ahead. It happens in Hollywood probably, ooh, um, a hundred times on a slow day? At least Clara has stayed true to herself. Despite the interviews, the appearances on television shows (you can catch her on Chelsea Lately on E! Entertainment this Thursday) and the movies offers, Clara has continued to be an escort. Sure, her fees may be a little higher than they used to be, but if I had the money, I would sure pay to spend a night with her if I got to pick those brains!