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Dating in 60’s is a rather new concept. Few wise heads may be opposed to the idea but in reality it is fast becoming the need of the hour. Sexagenarian is the age when you should enjoy the fruits of the hard work done by you all these years. You have earned a lot over the years, reached your peak of independence, financial states, freedom of life experience. Now is your time to enjoy and share your life journey.

You just need to add a little sparkle to your appearance if you dread looking at yourself in the mirror. You can even try a new hairstyle and give your confidence a boost by purchasing a few designer and stylish outfits. After all, you have still several good years to go ahead. Dating in your 60’s means finding a best friend, a travel companion, a walking partner, someone to dine with and share your memorable experiences. Just because you have reached 60 doesn’t mean your life has come to a halt, nowadays most people look and feel decades younger.

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