The Escorts services – how they are perceived

The escort services are hired for the sake of mere companionship, for a night of entertainment or a respite from loneliness. In the U.S these services are considered legal for most of the regions. Most of the state legislatures look at the Escort services as a part of the adult entertainment business and as such enact several legislations to administer these services and to make sure that they are different from prostitution, which is not approved of in most parts of the world.

The main concern over this issue is the abuse of minors. Many people have a strong conviction that prostitution in American culture should be eradicated right from the prohibition era and have looked at it as a harbor for other organized crimes. Different states take different approaches to the issue of escort services. At some places, where the activities take place through indirect way, they are tried to bring under control by applying a regulatory approach. For instance, taxes are levied on the escort services in Utah, wherein the advertising of such services is being done through partial nudity. For demarcation of the adult entertainment areas from other ‘family’ zones, North Carolina uses zoning laws to set up and maintain boundaries. According to the Californian law in California, it is expected on the part of the escort services that they should carry a police license, thus providing the option of closing down any kind of unsuitable businesses without having to testify for criminal charges.

To prohibit adult services, both federal as well as the state legislatures use anti-flesh trade legislation across state lines to stop the sexual abuse of minors or foreign nationals. Finally, every state uses conventional anti-prostitution legislation to tackle with escort services or escorts who cross their limits. The owners of escort services may be accused only if it is proved that they consciously ran the escort agency as a prostitution service.

Also, where an advertisement of an escort service is legal in one state, it may violate the laws of the other state. And so, the legitimacy of Internet advertising of escort services too, is disputable. There are various factors involved over this issue, for instance, the consent age too, differs amongst states, implying that merely visiting the site and having a glance through the pictures may make the person liable to the charges of pedophilia. Several sites display legal warnings but are forced to leave the decision to enter the site to the customer’s discretion because of the technology.

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