Escorts in Victoria

I worked as an internal auditor for an international company in Germany, and every month I travelled to a different city as the company had many offices around the world. To many people I had the best job, because not only I got jetted all over the world flying business class, but I got paid loads of money for doing it too. My favourite destinations were usually far from home, where I could experience different cultures and try different cuisines. I once spent two weeks in Argentina and I absolutely loved it. The people were friendly, the food was delicious (I loved my meat and wine), and the parties were wild.

Another amazing experience was Japan. The culture was very unique and interesting, people nodded at every word they spoke and they always shook hands and exchanged business cards (my stack ran out on the 3rd day). It took me a while to get accustomed to the food, but once I got used to the black wrapping on the sushi and the whole idea of eating raw fish, I grew quite addicted to the unique taste.

So to sum it up it was quite difficult to top my work and travel experiences overseas, until I came to London and experienced the companionship of Victoria escorts. I was working on a special project for a whole month, staying at a really nice hotel by Buckingham Palace near Victoria Station. The cold weather and the hustle bustle got me a little depressed and stressed, and being on my own I was desperate for some nice companionship. It never occurred to me to go for escorting service because most of the countries I went to the local colleagues usually took good care of me and showed me around. This obviously wasn’t the custom in London, especially when I had to work late, most of the people in the office left to go home or the local pub at 5:30! But now that I had discovered the convenience of London escort service, London had squeezed itself into one of my favourite cities to work in.

I would highly recommend meeting with escorts in London if you’re ever in town. They take care of me in the best way possible, and make my time here very pleasurable. Not all of the girls are actually from London; during my time here I’ve met one from Russia, one from Spain and one from my homeland of Germany. Each one was a wonderful lady.