That Friday Feeling

The sun is shining over London, and we’ve got that Friday feeling! No matter how many times it comes and goes throughout our lives, there will always be something magical about the final hours of the working week. The promise of the weekend brings exciting opportunities, relaxing retreats and the chance to meet up with friends and family; you can pursue hobbies, tie up loose ends and let your hair down.

The love for weekends tends to begin while we’re at school; children eagerly twitch in their seats as the hands of the clock get closer and closer to the hour, until finally the school bell rings and they are dismissed. That bell doesn’t just represent the end of class – it represents freedom and fun! This feeling is often carried through into adult life, when a Monday to Friday job can really take its toll. Whether you are the type to fill your weekend with plans or just to wait and see where the wind takes you, you are likely to be familiar with that wonderful anticipation we have described.

Although most love the weekends, there are some who don’t look forward to this time. Excluding those who have to work at this time, there are people who get very lonely on Saturdays and Sundays. If you have no family close by and you don’t have an active social life, you might dread going home to an empty house for two days; sometimes people actually prefer being at work because it allows them to be around other people and have some social interaction. If this situation sounds familiar, there is a way that you could start enjoying the weekends; hire one of our Wanstead Park escorts to spend some time with and you’ll no longer be lonely! Even the shyest of men are made to feel at ease in the company of these girls, thanks to their friendly and bubbly personalities. Our escorts are not only chosen to represent our escort agency for their beauty, but also because their social skills are so strong; they have the ability to make you feel completely comfortable. Together you can talk, have a laugh or have a drink – it will be a night that you never want to end!

Several of our loyal clients used to be lonely at the weekends, dreading that 48 hour stint with no-one to talk to but themselves. Now they can’t wait to get that Friday feeling, knowing that they will soon be with one of our pretty London escorts and feeling on top of the world!