A Girl Who Knows What She Wants

Each one of the beautiful girls who represent our London escort agency has their own unique personality to compliment their good looks. Some are sweet and girly, some are eager and accommodating. However, there is one type of girl that is a real turn on for some men: a girl who knows what she wants.

In the distant past, women were downtrodden and had no equal rights. They were not able to speak their minds and were expected to be seen but not heard. Luckily for all, those days are gone! These days, women can be strong and powerful. It’s not to every man’s taste, but if it wasn’t for this revolution, you’d never know the delights of being dominated! Having a woman in charge can be quite magnificent, submitting yourself to her desires.

Certain women have a natural inclination to dominate. This doesn’t always go as far as dressing up in black leather with a whip, but more often just makes them more assertive and feisty. It is more prominent in some cultures; for example, Brazilian girls are especially passionate and confident. They will not be afraid to tell you what they want, what turns them on and how they like it. Similarly, Russian escorts are very straight talking; if there’s something they desire, they’ll come straight out and say it!

Some of the escort girls at V London Escorts fit this description; it is not always possible to determine this from photos and a short description, so if an assertive woman really does it for you, call us to find out which ladies you’d enjoy spending time with. Our receptionists will be able to advise you of the most forthcoming and straight talking ladies – they’ll drive you wild with their demands!

Of course, not all men get turned on by strong women. Some prefer a more traditional attitude, with girls who are the epitome of femininity. Even a little shyness can be endearing; if you’re looking for a sweet girl like this, we can also help. Many of our ladies became escorts because they love to satisfy a man, always eager to please. We’re sure you’d be happy to be that man! You don’t have to just fantasise about this scenario – you can turn it into a reality by booking one of our sweet escort girls to offer you their companionship. It’s the perfect way to start the weekend!