London Escorts Stranded!

British airspace is still on lock down since the Icelandic volcano erupted last week. A huge cloud of ash was released into the air which made conditions too dangerous to fly; there is a risk that the ash could clog up the engines of aeroplanes causing them to fail. The skies have been silent over Great Britain for 5 days now in this unprecedented natural disaster. The volcano had been dormant for 200 years before this major eruption; now it is unknown how long flights will be disrupted for.

Numerous Brits have been stranded abroad as the ban on flights in and out of the UK continues. This included families on holiday, business people and even school trips. Music concerts are being postponed as artists are unable to get into the UK, and many events are being cancelled. It’s as if the country is in quarantine – nobody is allowed in or out for the time being.

As well as those who can’t come home to Great Britain, there are also many of people in the UK who can’t go back to their home countries. Several of our escorts come from abroad and had hoped to visit their families, but have had to cancel their plans due to the lack of flights. The same goes for our girls who were already visiting their home countries, but now can’t get back! For example, our Greek escorts thought that Easter was the perfect opportunity to catch up with their relatives; if they had known the problems that Europe would experience this week, they would have reschedules their plans!

Today, Royal Navy ships are being sent out to bring some Britons home who have been stranded. It is unknown how long it will be until commercial flights can safely get back on schedule, so right now the only option is to travel by sea. There is one vessel collecting troops who have been on duty in Afghanistan and are desperate to get home to their loved ones since finishing their leave. Another ship is assigned to pick up holiday makers; they would have only booked their accommodation for so long, and may not have budgeted enough money to remain abroad longer than planned.

There is still activity coming from the volcano in Iceland, and plumes of smoke continue to be spouted into the air. We are all hoping that the skies will soon clear enough for flying to be safe, but until then the disruption continues!