New Laws for Sex Workers and Clients

There has been a new legislation put in place since April 1st to protect girls in the sex industry who have been forced into it against their will. For as long as the sex trade has been active (which as far as we can tell is throughout history), there have been problems with girls being pressured, controlled and trafficked. Making prostitution illegal does not help their situation at all, so the government decided to try a new angle; now, they are targeting the men who pay for sex with girls who have been forced into it. Three men were arrested at a suspected brothel in East London on the day the law was put into place. The aim is to deter punters from paying for prostitutes altogether.

In the UK, the act of accepting money for sex is not illegal; however, there are many different laws surrounding prostitution that can lead to criminal convictions for everyone involved. A Sexual Offences Act was passed in 2003 that banned the controlling or inciting of prostitution for personal gain. It’s also against the law to run a brothel, to street walk or solicit sex in public. Punters can be arrested for curb crawling, and now they are even more in the spot light due to the latest legislation.

Our Leicester Square escorts are hoping that this law will help any girls who are being exploited; the only unfortunate part for the punters is that the law does not consider whether or not they knew or realised that the girl was being controlled. If she is found to be offering sexual services under threat, it could land you in jail to pay her for sex.

The government are hoping that the three men arrested on April 1st will set an example for other men who are considering visiting brothels or prostitutes. A conviction would make their discretions public, so that their families and work places would be aware of it.

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