Nobody Does it Batter than V

Indulging on Pancake Day is a must for anyone, even if you don’t intend on giving anything up for Lent. Officially known as Shrove Tuesday, this is the day that precedes Ash Wednesday, when Lent starts for the succeeding 40 days. Tomorrow shall be the day when folks throughout the nation get tossing to produce a pancake stack drizzled in lemon and sugar. Delicious. The batter mix was created when the notion of clearing out the kitchen was formed. Lent is meant to be the day when you sacrifice your favourite produce for the whole duration. At the time of the creation of pancakes, it was said that everyone had the statutory produce in their kitchens; flour, eggs, sugar and butter. These ingredients are the main constituents of a batter mix, they are then beaten together and poured into a lightly oiled frying pan. Let the batter sit for a moment, then give it a good toss to flip over and cook on the other side. The perfect pancake is not too thick, while still slightly fluffy and golden.

Traditionally topped with lemon and sugar, throughout the years differing relishes have been created. If you are looking to accompany your pancake with a sweet treat then opt for fruit and sauces such as caramel or chocolate. Maple syrup or golden syrup is a popular choice to drizzle over pancakes either for breakfast or even desert. However, if you truly want to indulge in these flipping good foodstuffs then why not enjoy them savoury and sweet? Their warmth and deliciousness are great to enjoy stuffed with cheese and herbs covered in a savoury sauce. Famous chefs have taken to the tabloids to shout about the other varieties of savoury selections to accompany your pancakes. Cheeses work best with these crepes, but you could also turn your batter into a more savoury mixture by adding spice and seasoning. Try adding a touch of cumin, coriander and chilli to the mix for a spicy tasting pancake dish.

So, if you dare to be adventurous, but still want to revel in the indulgence of these tasty dishes then what’s stopping you? We’ve given you some ideas to get started, the rest is up to you. Cheap London escorts will be more than impressed if you invite them over for dinner and serve them a pancake banquet. Pancake blinis to start topped with smoked salmon, savoury pancake cakes served with your choice of meat and/or vegetables and for desert a fruity topped pancake. Delicious!