The Perfect Lazy Night In

Children can be so creative. A cardboard box becomes a spaceship, a bin bag is a superhero cape. Random junk can be used to build dens and forts, where whole different worlds unravel. Sadly, this quality is often lost when we grow up. The only make believe we play is role play in the bedroom! Tonight, we want you to rediscover your den building skills for the perfect lazy night in; you’ll realise that you don’t need the energy of a child to enjoy this. Ideally, this should be done with two people; if you don’t have a significant other, one of our Old Street escorts would be more than happy to come and play with you.

The first step is to pick up some of your favourite drinks and snacks on the way home from work. It might be wine or beer, or maybe some fizzy pop. Add chips and dips, popcorn, sweets… whatever your favourite nibbles are. Make sure you have a good take away menu and a DVD you’d like to watch at home. You know where this is heading!

One of our escorts in Old Street would be the perfect companion for a lazy night in. She will put you at ease within moments of you meeting, and you’ll feel totally relaxed around her. All you need to do is give us a call about an hour before you’d like her to arrive, and we’ll arrange for a driver to bring her to your place. You can either prepare before she arrives, or wait so you can do it together — either way is fun. What you need to do is create a ginormous nest area in front of your television, on the floor. Push the sofas back to give yourself enough space, and find all the soft things you can. Cushions, pillows, blankets, duvets . . . the more, the better. As a base, an inflatable airbed is ideal; if you don’t have one of these, perhaps a thin mattress or futon cover. Build it up around the back for the most comfortable relaxation area you’ve ever experienced!

This is now your den for the evening. You should have your drink and snacks within reach, as well as the TV remote and your DVD. Once you’ve found the best position for comfort, you won’t have to move for the rest of the night! It’s absolute bliss when you’ve been working hard and your muscles ache. Wear the most comfy clothes you can find, and enjoy a bit of grown up play!