Restaurant Dates

Taking a girl out to a restaurant is a classic place for a date. For years it has been a popular choice to mark special occasions such as anniversaries, to enjoy a night off with your other half or to take someone new on a first date. It’s no wonder that so many choose this option; there are plenty of benefits to restaurant dates.

First of all, there is so many places to choose from. London is packed full of eateries, cafes, upmarket restaurants and dining rooms; you can pay anything from a few pounds at a fast food place to hundreds of pounds for gourmet cuisine. In the capital, you can choose practically any cuisine in the world and find a restaurant that serves it. Thanks to the culture in London that is so rich in diversity, there’s no type of food that you won’t find here. From Indian, Thai, Japanese and Chinese to traditional English and American dishes, and spicy Mexican dishes to Greek delights. There’s Lebanese, Moroccan, French and Italian – the choices are endless.

The first thing you need to do before you take someone on a first date is find out what kind of food she likes. Some don’t like things that are hot and spicy, and she might be vegetarian or vegan. Ask her for a few different options, then you can still surprise her with your choice of restaurant. As you may have noticed from our gallery, we have £110 escorts from all over the world. Perhaps they could educate you in their native delicacies! We’re sure that a Greek escort could recommend a delicious place that serves Moussaka or Kleftiko, and Indian escorts will be experts on the finest curry in London! If you come from another country yourself, perhaps you could share your culinary knowledge with her.

One of the great things about a restaurant date is that there’s just the right balance of time for conversation, and time when it’s not necessary. There needn’t be any awkward silences when you’re nervous or can’t think of anything to say; the food in front of you is a good enough reason to divert your attention! Concerts, gigs and cinemas don’t give you enough opportunity to talk and get to know each other, and something like a museum or exhibition might be too quiet and make one of you uncomfortable.

There’s also a natural break when you go to a restaurant, allowing you both to decide whether you’d like to go somewhere for a nightcap or wrap it up and go home. Now you can understand why so many people go to restaurants on a date!