Twice as Nice

The rule generally goes that if you like something, you want more of it. If you have a bit of a delicious chocolate eclair, do you not then want another? If you find a £10 note on the floor, wouldn’t you be delighted to find another? Would you rather have a week on holiday, or a fortnight? The same goes with the sexy escorts London has to offer. While meeting with one girl is exciting, can you imagine the sheer thrill of seeing two gorgeous girls at the same time? It would probably blow your mind!

At V London Escorts, we offer a deluxe service where two girls will come to see you together: these are our amazing duo escorts. Many of the ladies who represent our escort agency are bisexual; they love the companionship of other women, and of course they also love being with men. Imagine yourself being that man – what a lucky guy you’d be! For so many, a scenario like this is nothing more than a fantasy. With us, it can be a reality: all you need to do is pick up the phone and make a booking.

The majority of the girls you see in our gallery will be happy to be escorts duo for you; they are very open minded girls, always up for a good time. Thanks to this, you can choose almost any two escorts and ask us for a duo appointment; we’ll let you know whether or not it’s possible to arrange. If you’d prefer two ladies who are particularly close to each other, ask us and we can give you some recommendations. You might have noticed that a couple of our escorts are pictured with another girl… you know that they’d be game!

When you have twice the options, you don’t need to sacrifice one type of girl for another. Perhaps you love ebony escorts, but would also like to meet a cute blonde: we’ve got it sorted. Maybe you fancy a fiery redhead, but want a curvy Brazilian girl too: done. You can pick and choose all your favourite parts of a woman, and surround yourself with sensuality. Perhaps you’d enjoy a four hands massage; this is a technique that is popular with duo escorts, where both girls work together to give you a full body erotic massage. If you want to make the sensation even more wonderful, try adding some aromatic oils. Feeling their soft hands firmly glide over you will send you into a state of ecstasy.