When Your Favourite Escort is Unavailable

Our London escort agency works hard to ensure that there are girls available at every hour of the day so that our clients’ needs can always be met. In the more quiet daytimes we arrange to have at least two or more girls available, and in the busy evenings we have up to twenty sexy ladies waiting for your call. You’ll be spoiled for choice!

Some of the gentlemen who call us don’t have a particular preference of the girls in our gallery, as long as she’s beautiful and great company. They might have a certain stipulation, such as a girl with blonde hair, or one fluent in a particular language. However, there are also many callers who want the exact girl they’ve chosen – their favourite escort on our website.

Whenever possible, we will ensure that this escort meets you at an agreed time and place, ready to show you the time of your life. As you’ll understand, we cannot ask every single one of our belles to work all day, every day – it’s against the most basic human rights! The girls have a rota to make sure that there is always a varied selection available, while still getting plenty of rest for themselves.

There are several reasons why your favourite escort might not be available at the time you call, aside from not being scheduled to work at that time. Like the rest of us, illness can strike a strike when you least want it to. If any of our girls are unwell, we ask them to stay home and rest; as well as having their health and best interests at heart, we are well aware that our clients would not wish to spend the evening with a woman who is coughing and sneezing! However much you’ve missed your favourite escort, it is best to wait until she is in good health, when she’ll be much better company for you.

There might also be situations where a personal tragedy has affected one of the girls. We hope that none of them ever have to go through this, but when they do we fully understand that they are not fit to meet clients. You want to spend time with a happy girl with a lust for life – so this is the kind of girl we make available for you!

If your first choice of escort is unavailable when you call, don’t worry; we’ll still have a great selection of gorgeous girls who’d love to meet you, so why not try someone new? You might be pleasantly surprised!