Camden Escorts

Camden is considered one of the gems of North London. A place synonymous with London subcultures, it has been a breeding ground for alternative music and fashion for the last half a century. You can see this reflected in every aspect of Camden; the population, the shops, the food, everything.

One of the main attractions of Camden is its market. Built around the Camden Lock, people travel from far and wide to visit the alternative clothes stalls, buy exotic dishes from the countless Asian and Oriental food vendors, and meander through the thick smell of incense taking in the atmosphere. Although a section of the market suffered from a devastating fire in February 2008, the damage is being fast repaired and doesn’t at all detract from the market experience.

There are plenty of pubs, clubs and venues, most notably The Roundhouse, which offers regular live music and theatre.  Hartland Road, in the London borough of Camden.The Roundhouse used to be a building used for servicing trains until it became derelict and was converted to a music venue in the 1960s. It was a hub for the growth of subcultures that gravitate towards Camden, but since reopening in 2006, has begun to cater for wider audiences.

The Camden area is easily accessible by underground – there are several different stations around the area – but if you prefer a more original method of transport, a waterbus service along the canal operates during the summer.

The market is definitely aimed at an alternative audience, but even if the alternative sides of Camden don’t appeal to you, there are classier pubs, bars and venues for you and your escort in Camden to attend beyond the market, such as the prestigious KOKO venue/nightclub.

Camden is a busy place, and its hustle and bustle is far more enjoyed with the company of an escort. Whether your beautiful Camden escort is showing you all the sights and sounds of the market, accompanying you to one of its bars or pubs, or simply keeping you company in one of Camden’s many hotels, it’s safe to say your visit will be made all the better by the exquisite services our Camden escorts provide.