Canadian Escorts

Canada has, for the last few years, been desperately struggling to shake off the image of American Jr. And although it gets far less global attention than its boisterous neighbour, Canada is beginning to develop its own globally recognized identity that extends beyond associations with mounties and ice hockey. It severed its legal dependence on the British parliament in 1982, and is one of the first countries to emerge from the economic recession.

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Many Canadians who move to the UK often find that, try as they might, they cannot fend off the occasional bought of homesickness. But more and more of these people are beginning to realize that the perfect way to cure homesickness is to experience a little slice of home, and spending a night with an escort Canada offers is a way of experiencing a particularly exquisite slice of home, one that will not only chase away the homesick blues but will also ensure a night memorable for other reasons too.