Chinawhite is situated in the heart of Soho a popular destination for both Londoners and tourist alike to socialise.

Chinawhite first became popular in the 90’s when many a well known celebrity face was seen stumbling out of its doors.

Time has now passed and other newer perhaps trendier bars have come in and taken away some of the spotlight from Chinawhite.

Despite its less well known status, Chinawhite still remains strong as a contender for one of the more exclusive clubs in the Soho district.

It is well worth a visit if you are in town, especially if you are entertaining an Escort.

The venue can only be described as cool perhaps effortlessly so.

The lighting is soft and flattering, extremely helpful, after a few too many cocktails.

Cocktails: the club offers a huge variety of all the well known classics such as Mojitos and Cosmopolitans to some more adventurous varieties.

The price can some time be seen as a little higher than your average London club but with a name as famous as Chinawhite it is what you expect.

This really is a cool venue for cool people and if you are lucky you may just bump into a celebrity.

Address: 6 Air Street, London, W1B 5AA.

Telephone: 020 7343 0040.