Clos Maggiore

Clos Maggiore is lovely little restaurant situated in the heart of Covent Garden. It is romantic and sophisticated a real unique find perfect for entertaining a Baker Street Escort.

The restaurant has been voted in the top 5 for romantic restaurants in London that is critically acclaimed and loved by all who dine here. This would be a divine venue for a romantic proposal to your loved one.

The cuisine is French and absolutely to die for. The brilliant head chef Marcillon Marc who has achieved Michelin starred greatness at his former restaurant has expertly crafted a delightful menu set to impress even the most discerning palate. With dishes including treacle caramelised breast of Gressingham duck and oven roasted fillet of Scottish monkfish tail with butterbeans how can you possibly go wrong?

The decor is of course romantic and almost fairytale castle like with a magnificent imposing fireplace at the head of the restaurant and beautiful vines hanging overhead. The tables are covered with stunning white linen and you will be seated like a king in your very own thrown. Your Paddington Escort will be delighted by the experience of dining here.

Address: 33 King Street, London, WC2E 8JD.

Telephone: 020 7379 9696.